1. My first Tiny Dick Adventures sketch request! Completed at Emerald City Comic-Con. It’s also (to date) the only original art of the character that exists since I draw the strips digitally.

  3. The inspirational comic book covers on the wall next to my drawing desk. First-time non-comics reading visitors always ask if I drew them.


  4. elweonilustre asked: any advice for an aspiring writer?


    Read. A lot. Not just what you want to write — comics or short stories or screenplays — but the newspaper. Magazines. Fiction and non-fiction alike.

    Also: Travel. Go to museums and concerts and comedy shows. Listen to other people, particularly those who surprise you. Take walks for no other reason than to see what’s going on when you’re not usually around.

    Fill up your mental trunk with as much as you can; make it bottomless so that when you reach into it, whatever you might need will already be there. 

  5. Found this on my hard drive: the pitch artwork for Marci Malone: Intern of HYDRA, which I proposed as a backup feature for the Marvel Adventures line circa 2009/2010. The project got some traction but then there was some editorial shuffling, Marvel Adventures was shutting down and it just sort of faded away. Three years later I dusted it off, swapped out some characters and pitched it to IDW as Marci Malone: Intern of COBRA and it was published as a series of variant covers.

  6. eviltwincomics:

    Action Philosophers: The 10th Anniversary Über Edition will be published by Dark Horse Comics & on sale October 28th, 2014!

    This brand-new edition collects the entire series by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey in a deluxe hardcover edition for the first time. The entire 9 issue series and 20 pages of bonus material arranged in historically chronological order to make a 300 page graphic history of philosophy along with TONS of bonus material: all the covers, pin-ups, photos and script excerpts from the Action Philosophers theatre production, a remastered version of our signature Plato story and a BRAND NEW 8-page story!

  7. Robot

  8. koltreg:

    MODOK: Reign Delay by Ryan Dunlavey, Ryan Dunlavey, and Ryan Dunlavey,

    I still can’t believe they let me keep this joke in the book.

  9. likecarkeys:

    #MashupMonday #FantasticFour #FamilyCircus

    by Ryan Dunlavey

    Thanks! I sell prints of this one too: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181185646932

  10. likecarkeys:

    #MashupMonday #FantasticFour #ArrestedDevelopment

    by Ryan Dunlavey

    Yup, and written by Alex Zalben! Prints for sale here.


  11. Hi!

    My name is Ryan Dunlavey and I’m a freelance cartoonist and illustrator from New York City. I am mostly known for drawing funny non-fiction comics like Action PhilosophersAction PresidentsThe Comic Book History of Comics (all written by my frequent collaborator Fred Van Lente), Dirt Candy: A Cookbook (written by chef Amanda Cohen) and The Real History of G.I. Joe (written by me!).

    I make fiction comics too! I wrote and drew Marci Malone: Intern of CobraM.O.D.O.K.: Reign Delay and Tommy Atomic. I also wrote Wolverine: Sushi for Marvel Comics and I draw the weekly webcomic Tiny Dick Adventures (written by Ryan Sohmer).

    I also did a lot of illustrations and comics for Wizard and ToyFare magazines (when they were still around), which tend to go viral / appropriated / stolen so you’ve probably already seen some of my work without even knowing it!

    I am all over this internet thing: TwitterTumblrFacebookDeviantarteBay and my recently updated portfolio website. In between making comics  I sell prints, do private commissions, make custom comics, conduct comics workshops and attend comic conventions.

    I am *always* available to hire for freelance illustration and comic book assignments.

    I guess that’s about it - thanks for paying me some attention!

  12. How to Make a Guerrilla Video - non-fiction comic I drew for Idealware.

  13. More Action Presidents sketches! Arthur, Grant, Harrison, Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ. You can see the first batch here.

    And don’t miss out on the Thomas Jefferson comic by me & Fred Van Lente over at Comic Book Resources for a limited time!

    Happy Presidents Day!

  14. Here’s some Action Presidents sketches for you on Presidents Day: Taylor, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Harrison, Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson.

    Zachary Taylor is really fun to draw!

  15. Otter icon & sketches