Throwback Thursday: Stuperpowers!

Some of my art from the self-published RPG I did with a bunch of friends back in the late 90’s / early 00’s. Shown here is some powers I drew for the 2nd edition: “Turn Skin Into Aluminum Siding” “Drop 50’ Toilets From The Sky” “Summon Groupies” “Tie Shoelaces Together” “Summon Curious Toddler” “Meatneato” “Acid Blood” “See 2 Seconds Into The Future” and “Throw Self 30’ Into A Random Direction”. Lots more on the Stuperpowers Tumblr!

Sketch Dump: The Final Chapter! Some cruel-but-accurate portraits of myself at ages 14, 16 & 18 (what a dummy), unfinished comic about how my kid beats me up in his sleep, & a gag about how if Robin could have avoided becoming Nightwing (ugh) if he just started wearing pants.

Sketch dump part 2: Storm Shadow & B.A.T., creepy Peanuts, Rat Fink dude, River City Ransom/X-Men, Robotron 2084 player, Rom & Ghost Rider, Spidey, Thing, Dr Cowboy, Tommy Atomic & The Thing again. I draw way too many superheroes.

Welcome to my sketch dump of various art flotsam that’s been haunting my hard drive: Big Barda, bulldog & elf characters from an old animation project, some DIg Dug monsters, an unfinished Justice League thing, Living Laser & Dr Doom, Mojo, Longshot. All never-to-be-finished beyond what you see here, so I thought I’d share before the high-res files get archived away forever. Lots more where this came from!


My spontaneous and 100% sincere HOW 2 MAKE COMIX tweet blew up this morning so in my eternal quest to talk too much and take things too far here’s a detailed breakdown of what I was talking about:


Got an idea for a comic? Write it down. One sentence, three sentences tops, no more than 100 words. Sure there will probably be lots more happening in your story but boiling it down to less than 100 words will help you stay on target to complete it.

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